Nervous Much? and more

So I just posted my first blog post, pretty much ever. I gave away some deep secrets. I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing. Hopefully God can and will use my simple blog post to help change the lives of other guys that struggle in the same.

I’m a quiet person, simply quiet, I speak when necessary but I don’t like speaking if there is nothing worth saying. I have a dry sense of humor, similar to my Grandpa. I’ll write a post just about him. He is a cool person, always looking for the good in people. I have never heard him say a bad thing about anybody….. including his wife. I play several games: Go(Chinese based board game), monopoly, Call of duty’s and skyrim. I don’t really enjoy video games. It’s my way to pass the time. I am a total product of a society that is addicted to media. I mostly enjoy working at a local grocery store, been there 3 years yesterday. There ya go. Several very random facts about me.


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