Board Game Life

Tonight we had a mens fellowship night at our church. Sitting there playing Kingsburg with the other guys I realized how close this resembles our live. Our lives are like a vapor, but man this game took 2 hours. Totally worth it. So here my thoughts, if you aren’t familiar with the game bear with me. You have resources and troops. Every year there is a war, whether goblins or zombies, or even a dragon. The goal is simple, beat the opponents and survive the attacks.

opponents: Satan, people Lust(in my case)

Goal: Survival. The idea is to win right, and what is winning? It can be short-term but for me it is much longer. The attacks get harder and harder. I see this as life, when you’re a child you aren’t exactly affected by the struggles of life. Money, and again lust for me, pain, death. A child is care free. Once you’re a teen, you have money and grades. It seems to get harder and harder, until the final challenge, or goal. Death. Ugly word unless you know where your going. Death is the end of the game. Or is it the beginning?(epic music) Life is a vapor, but for some it goes to slow, or to fast. Death is just death, we all die, it is a sad thing.

A few weeks ago my Grandpa was hospitalized and we didn’t know if he would make it through the night. I don’t know how many times I woke up that night and just prayed with tears burning behind my eyes. “God I want him to see me graduate”. Thinking back, that was sooo selfish of me, so selfish. I wanted him for my own personal glory and nothing more. When I should have realized that it would have been easier just to leave it up to God. He was in so much pain, and I only wanted him to live, when death would have brought an end. Then again, who wouldn’t? This man has taught me so much, how to have compassion on those who might not deserve it. To appreciate nature, that its wise to save change. Just so many little things. He is now doing better and in no pain, but it made me realize the brevity of life. We live, we glorify God, and we die. I was selfish but I’m realizing now, listen realizing, not justifying that it was just a natural urge. I’ll be able to spend eternity with him, why would I want just another year. Death isn’t just the end, it is so much more. It is the beginning of no end. Think about it, eternity with God, being able to meet those Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles that you have never known. Being able to sit down and talk to Jesus. One on one, no battling crowds. I just amazes me thinking about it. I can’t wait. Then again, why wait when before I know it I’ll be 70 years old and in my Grandpa’s place. I’ll think back, and I hope that I can be ready to die. I might not be ready to die, but I’ll be ready to truly live.

-Cody Sweeny




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