Who Knew?

I started this blog yesterday and currently have around 50 total views. I am happy and thankful to the people that have followed this blog and for the prayer. I did not expect this blog to take off and it has. Okay so 50 people aren’t 100 or 200, but I am thankful for the continuous prayer support. I would ask that the current people that follow this blog to pass it on; to the people on facebook or twitter to share it and retweet it. I’m not looking to start a revolution, but I want to get my story out. I want to see God use me. I want other teens in the same exact place as I am to read my story and get help. Do not become like I am, 3 years of hell, wondering if anyone knew. Wondering who to tell. 3 years I have struggled and now have come clean. Don’t be like me.



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