Where is Your Focus?

Hardest part about high school has to be the girls(sorry). Not all are bad, but for the most part anywhere you look you see skin tight this, or that. It seems impossible for a guy to keep his focus on Christ when all these distractions roam around, ready to pounce and destroy your sense of victory over sin. Here are some simple tips that anyone, male or female should read. When I talk about porn and lust, most guys struggle but there are a few women out there that also struggle.

Here we go:

1. “Bounce”, if you see an image that isn’t pleasing to God, first you’ll recognize it, then what you must do is bounce to something else. So if I’m walking down the hall and I see an image that isn’t pleasing here’s what I “try” and do. I recognize it, and then I admire the nice locker artwork or maybe look up at the security cameras and see how many I can count before I get to class(don’t run into something). It all about where your focus it, look at faces or eyes.

2. Be prepared. Always be ready to face temptation, ALWAYS. I like to repeat myslef it gets the point across. Don’t expect to go into an ice cream shop and not eat ice cream. Don’t go to a place where you will be tempted, don’t stay up late because you know you’ll struggle if you do. I have struggled with this, but have overcome it. On most devices you can set a time limit. Set a time limit, nothing crazy like 9pm, but about a half hour after you normally go to sleep. That way if you by chance are working on a project you have time to finish. Don’t give up.

3. Keep your focus. Focus is the key to all of this. If you let your mind wander its kind of like a mountain effect. You send one rock down and it hits 2 and 3. Then bang you are back where you started. Focus on one thing, The Cross. I wear a bracelet with 14 buttons symbolizing the 14 guys that changed my life. When I am struggling I will count the buttons and focus on Christ. I remember each of their names. And this goes into #4.

4. You Absolutely Cannot Do it On Your Own! If you are like me and have been struggling for years you must know that doing it alone doesn’t work. You have to find someone, anyone to help you out. For me it was a friend of mine. He and I meet up every so often just to discus where we have been struggling. If you want to beat this sin you need number 4! I cannot stress how important this is. You need someone that understands your struggles, same gender. roughly the same age. Having someone in your school or church helps so much. Knowing that they are of have walked the same hallways as you, knowing that they struggle the same.

That’s it but you MUST keep your focus on the cross and what Jesus has done for you. This will help you so much!

-Cody Sweeny

Job 31:1-4

1“I made a covenant with my eyes

not to look lustfully at a young woman.

2For what is our lot from God above,

our heritage from the Almighty on high?

3Is it not ruin for the wicked,

disaster for those who do wrong?

4Does he not see my ways

and count my every step?


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