No Jury, Just a Judge

There you are, standing in a courtroom. No jury, just the prosecutor and judge. The judge quietly turns to the prosecutor. “Well, what do we have today?” the judge asks. “Hmm, a sinner, lusted over a million times, lied about the same. So yes, a sinner.” The judge eyes you, you can’t and are quite frankly too scared to even utter a word. “well?” the prosecutor asks. The judge looks at him and then at you. “He’s a sinner, and he deserves death”. Just as the judge utters the word death, a man strolls into the courtroom. Beauty and respect shroud him. He looks at you, and then at the judge. No words are spoke. The judge nods quietly, while the prosecutor, Satan, screams “Another one? How must I win this battle!”. The man that walked in turns and looks at you. “Your with me now. You don’t have to worry about him.” With the exact same beauty and respect he gracefully strolls out with you on his heels. He stops out side the courtroom. He points to the scars on his hands and feet. “Do you see these?” you nod because you can’t even speak in his presence. With tears in his eyes he quietly says “These, my friend, were for you, for your sin, and for you life.” He quietly walks out the door.


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