God Addicted

Coffee addicted

Computer Addicted

My name is Cody Sweeny and I am 17. I live in small town Iowa (cold winters and hot summers). I enjoy serving at my local church(Lakeside Fellowship). I work at a local grocery store as a “whatever they need me for the night”. I love God, coffee and computers. I fix computers for friends and family. I enjoy doing a vast array of tech stuff for Lakeside. I enjoy blowing stuff up, and breaking stuff. Along with tearing it apart and figuring out how exactly it works. When I’m not working or doing stuff for lakeside I play Playstation 3, add me(codman1004). I enjoy writing my thoughts about life. Feel free to be open and comment any questions or comments you have. I will not be offended if you don’t like my writing. Everyone including myself are entitled to an opinion. I would rather have bad comments than have people lying about my writing. Yep and that’s me, i forgot I have a tendency to be very random.



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