Official Transition: Thanksgiving 2013 Mom

This will be the last post on this blog, well second to last post. I need to make a redirect page. Besides the point I am moving here. I will continue to post from that site, I will still be on the reader following people. Thank you to all those that have liked and followed this blog. It is much appreciated. So here is the last post:

I am very thankful for my mom. She deals with my little brothers and babysits for multiple kids.  She is absolutely crazy, but an awesome mom. I will keep this short but thank you mom for everything you do! and of course for proof reading my posts.

-Cody Sweeny


No Jury, Just a Judge

There you are, standing in a courtroom. No jury, just the prosecutor and judge. The judge quietly turns to the prosecutor. “Well, what do we have today?” the judge asks. “Hmm, a sinner, lusted over a million times, lied about the same. So yes, a sinner.” The judge eyes you, you can’t and are quite frankly too scared to even utter a word. “well?” the prosecutor asks. The judge looks at him and then at you. “He’s a sinner, and he deserves death”. Just as the judge utters the word death, a man strolls into the courtroom. Beauty and respect shroud him. He looks at you, and then at the judge. No words are spoke. The judge nods quietly, while the prosecutor, Satan, screams “Another one? How must I win this battle!”. The man that walked in turns and looks at you. “Your with me now. You don’t have to worry about him.” With the exact same beauty and respect he gracefully strolls out with you on his heels. He stops out side the courtroom. He points to the scars on his hands and feet. “Do you see these?” you nod because you can’t even speak in his presence. With tears in his eyes he quietly says “These, my friend, were for you, for your sin, and for you life.” He quietly walks out the door.

Thanksgiving: Salvation

Here goes:

(notice the new header?)

My salvation is pretty basic, I went to a camp up in northern Iowa, and through guilt of death in hell, I was saved. At this particular camp the only thing they preached was your going to hell, accept Jesus as savior. After that I got “saved” at least 4 more times either through church or Jr. boys camp. I was raised with this question the other day: Why do I believe what I believe is true….

That question sent my head spinning, I grew up in the church, I grew up knowing everything. Sunday school, Vbs, Awana. I did it all, and I couldn’t answer a simple question. After thinking about it I had a few different replies back:

Logic (God is the only logical explanation)

What I grew up doing

And what I truly believe.

Ironically I went with the last one. I truly believe that Jesus is in heaven, preparing a place for me. I have seen Jesus in action At different camps and retreats I have seen people saved, I have seen some of the toughest guys I have ever met, kneel down and cry. I have seen the power of Christ. This is why I believe what I believe.

I was one of these hard guys. Over the years I have been used to being in church. I knew all the answers. I went to Subzero 2012 and my mindset was changed.

Right away Don Jackson told us to open our hearts. To not let this weekend go by just as another retreat, but to be challenged and changed. It was after this weekend that I really lived up to what I believe. I didn’t hide my faith. Everyone needs a moment like this, where they know what they believe, but they truly live up to it. As Christians we tend to hide in the background of the world. We need to need be on the front lines with a bible and a pen. Ready and prepared to share the gospel.

So I guess you could say that I was reconfirmed in my beliefs at Subzero 2012. I am still a work in progress but I am getting better each and everyday. Thank you!


-Cody Sweeny


Thanksgiving:Lakeside Fellowship

This is the start of my Thanksgiving posts. I will be posting occasionally what I am thankful for. To start off I am thankful for Lakeside Fellowship.

I grew up seeing my dad every other week, and really relied on my mom and Lakeside in order for me to mature. Lakeside was and is a family to the fatherless. My dad was part of my life, but we never really bonded. At Lakeside, I had fathers and grandparents and aunts and uncles. I had the family behind me, that loved and cared for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom very much, but everyone needs a father just as they do a mother.

So here we go:

Barry Johnson
Barry Johnson took me fishing a few times – we need to do it again. He is an awesome guys that has taught me that if it’s broke, it can be repaired. If you need something, build it yourself. Such a great guy that is willing to serve where it’s needed, even if no one else wants to do it. He has built many of our rollers, so we can transport sound equipment back and forth every week.

Nathan Nemmers (Worship leader and kind of an assistant pastor)
Nathan has shown me passion in music, how to listen, how to hear. He didn’t teach me any instruments, but he taught me practical common sense. He taught me how to wrap wires and plug stuff in. He taught me a vast majority of stuff at the time.

Dean Gildersleeve
Dean has taught me patience. In much of what we do every Sunday morning, it is easy to get mad at the circumstances. Dean has taught me that even though the situation looks bleak, I need to slow down and start at the back and find the problem. Another great guy with a servant’s attitude, ready to do what it takes every Sunday.

Bryan Carlton
This guy is amazing, he has taught me so much. You can’t beat his sarcasm any day. He has a fun-loving, down to earth personality. He is such a nice guy. He has great honey, too! His down to earth feel on life has taught me compassion and understanding. He has taught me that just because I missed a recording doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. He always calls me Mr. Sweeny, for reasons unknown. I enjoy that; in turn I try to call him Mr. Carlton but tend to forget. He is a cool guy with a passion for Christ. Thank you Bryan

Doug Porter (Saylorville Tech Guy)
This guy right here got me curious about technology. I remember spending a few summer days with him working on some project. He is a cool guy, with a true servant’s heart.

Josh Byers (Former Youth Leader)
Josh Byers is a great guy. I won’t divulge too much info about him just yet, but he got me into tearing computers apart. I can’t remember exactly, but we were in his garage and he was close to putting up a garage sale. I remember seeing a DVD drive for an older style computer. He must have seen me eyeing it. He told me I could have it. I remember the ride home, thinking all about what I could do with that drive. I didn’t mutilate my computer just yet, but I saved the drive. Must have been weeks later, but we were out looking for interesting stuff on the Polk city curb day thing – it’s where if you have junk you can put it on the curb. Bob brought me some computer towers that I instantaneously tore apart. I flip-flopped drives and video and sound cards, I went crazy. Thank you Josh. Doug got me curious, and Josh got me into it. Thanks guys!
This whole post wouldn’t mean anything if I was sexist and didn’t mention some of the women in my church.

First off:

Terri Johnson. Terri is awesome. She won’t shake my hand but instead she’ll give me a hug. She is such a nice person, ready to serve. Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any event, her and Barry are there putting up roasters and lights. Helping out where they can.

Teske Drake. I admire Teske for her faith and strength. Please check out her website:
There are many other women in the church I could name, but won’t at the current time.

I just want the Lakesiders to know how thankful I am for you guys. You guys are crazy and fun but overall you guys are awesome. Whenever there is a need, you’re there. Thank you!

-Cody Sweeny

775 words isn’t enough to describe how much I love Lakeside and all you guys do for the community. Thank you!