I don’t like beans

I have a beta fish named Bruce

I like Coke over Pepsi

I enjoy my fair share of books

I’m a poetry buff

I am neutral on the Mac v.s PC debate

I hate gossip

I’m a hypocrite

I’m a sinner

I’m saved by grace

I like blowing stuff up

Coffee is amazing

Life might stink but you gotta do it

I have named my torus, Torttie (car)

I have a lust addiction

I’m a people person

I hate being social

I am awkward especially around girls

I’m very random

I like lunchables and lemonade

I have few friends but they are awesome, you know who you are

I like food

I am allergic to shell fish (this is sad because I love crab legs and shrimp)

I play/used to play bass, drums, acoustic, electric and piano.

I don’t like singing in front of people

I am me.

I work at a local grocery store

I currently have 2 computers in my room, against common gossip the most I have had is 6

I have a ps3, add me codman1004

I love old books


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