Moving up in the world

After days of debating, thinking and certainly praying I have decided to invest in my own domain. I will keep this guy going for a while until I have the other site up and running and spam free. If you would like to check it out feel free! Until a date later specified I will continue to post here with hopes of reaching more people, followers and followers of Christ. 

I posted on Sunday a bit of a story, a judge and no jury, (read it here). The story goes as any supper hero story goes; bad guy is defeated and the innocent bystandered gets to go with the hero. The sad part here is that you have to know the hero. You have to know Jesus, or else as you are standing in the courtroom, no one will come. The harsh reality is that hell is very real, and Satan is realer, and death is the most real thing in life. The bible speaks and I will leave references at the bottom, that we are damned to hell. Our ancestors have sinned, and no ones perfect right? We all have sinned, and we deserve death. There is 2 ways out of death. Either you are completely and 100% perfect, or you can trust Jesus Christ as your personnel savior. He took the sin away from us, and put it on himself. All you have to do is believe. 

It goes something like this: “Jesus, I know I am a sinner, I know I have screwed up, I believe in you and confess my sins to you. I ask forgiveness for my sins and pray that you will come into my life.” 

Here is the kicker, FAITH. The reason I said this prayer more times than I can count is because I lacked faith. Don’t! He is real, he has risen, and he will come again. 

In love AND faith

-Cody Sweeny

Look these up for yourself:

Ephesians 2:8-9

John 3:16-17

Romans 3:23


Romans 8:18


No Jury, Just a Judge

There you are, standing in a courtroom. No jury, just the prosecutor and judge. The judge quietly turns to the prosecutor. “Well, what do we have today?” the judge asks. “Hmm, a sinner, lusted over a million times, lied about the same. So yes, a sinner.” The judge eyes you, you can’t and are quite frankly too scared to even utter a word. “well?” the prosecutor asks. The judge looks at him and then at you. “He’s a sinner, and he deserves death”. Just as the judge utters the word death, a man strolls into the courtroom. Beauty and respect shroud him. He looks at you, and then at the judge. No words are spoke. The judge nods quietly, while the prosecutor, Satan, screams “Another one? How must I win this battle!”. The man that walked in turns and looks at you. “Your with me now. You don’t have to worry about him.” With the exact same beauty and respect he gracefully strolls out with you on his heels. He stops out side the courtroom. He points to the scars on his hands and feet. “Do you see these?” you nod because you can’t even speak in his presence. With tears in his eyes he quietly says “These, my friend, were for you, for your sin, and for you life.” He quietly walks out the door.

Thanksgiving: Salvation

Here goes:

(notice the new header?)

My salvation is pretty basic, I went to a camp up in northern Iowa, and through guilt of death in hell, I was saved. At this particular camp the only thing they preached was your going to hell, accept Jesus as savior. After that I got “saved” at least 4 more times either through church or Jr. boys camp. I was raised with this question the other day: Why do I believe what I believe is true….

That question sent my head spinning, I grew up in the church, I grew up knowing everything. Sunday school, Vbs, Awana. I did it all, and I couldn’t answer a simple question. After thinking about it I had a few different replies back:

Logic (God is the only logical explanation)

What I grew up doing

And what I truly believe.

Ironically I went with the last one. I truly believe that Jesus is in heaven, preparing a place for me. I have seen Jesus in action At different camps and retreats I have seen people saved, I have seen some of the toughest guys I have ever met, kneel down and cry. I have seen the power of Christ. This is why I believe what I believe.

I was one of these hard guys. Over the years I have been used to being in church. I knew all the answers. I went to Subzero 2012 and my mindset was changed.

Right away Don Jackson told us to open our hearts. To not let this weekend go by just as another retreat, but to be challenged and changed. It was after this weekend that I really lived up to what I believe. I didn’t hide my faith. Everyone needs a moment like this, where they know what they believe, but they truly live up to it. As Christians we tend to hide in the background of the world. We need to need be on the front lines with a bible and a pen. Ready and prepared to share the gospel.

So I guess you could say that I was reconfirmed in my beliefs at Subzero 2012. I am still a work in progress but I am getting better each and everyday. Thank you!


-Cody Sweeny


Your Job Isn’t Done Yet, and Neither is Mine

At the end of Matthew Jesus give one of the greatest commandments of all. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

This right here must be the hardest part about Christianity, is actually sharing your faith. I have had such a hard time with this in my own spiritual walk with Christ. The past 3 years have brought me away from Christ, but now it’s time to get going again.

Whenever I have came close the sharing the gospel, my heart races and my palms are sweaty. My mind is racing with every beat of my heart. “What ifs” are flowing threw my mind. I am freaking out as I walk up to the person. Then I slowly get distracted and fall away. I go do something else, or I avoid the person. Why do I do this you might ask? I am a great people person, I can talk to people about a piece of candy or about the weather. Why can’t I talk to them about the one thing that matters? The answer is: I’m scared.

What can this world honestly do to me compared to the glories and riches of heaven? I can be mocked and shunned, but who cares? At any moment I could be standing talking to Jesus, him and I. This is the reward we get as Christians for excepting him into our life and proclaiming that He is Lord. The persecution that we might face isn’t compared to that which Jesus took on the cross. Why must we be afraid when all we have to lose is our pathetic lives? (which its doubtful that we would lose that) We must be ready to stand firm in our faith and be bold, not just from behind a computer screen, but person to person. Some of the best ways that I have noticed in my attempts to share the gospel is to invite them to church or youth group. This Sunday at Lakeside Fellowhip we are talking about Jesus: The Friend of Sinners. Any opportunity to invite someone to church is great but this Sunday if you go to Lakeside I would encourage you to be bold. I know I will be. The idea is to be annoying. Invite the person once, then twice, then three times until finally they are so annoyed about you asking they take you up on it. Seriously! This works, but don’t do it all in one day(that’s calling for it). But be bold. Be ready to invite them, but your job isn’t over yet. Do a follow up, yes seriously, do a follow up and find out what they thought about their experience. Ask them if they have any questions, if they have any questions then be prepared to respond. Be ready! As hard as this might sound, it doesn’t compare to the glories of heaven. My goal is to ask at least 1 person, and invite them to church. Remember! Your job isn’t over just yet.

-Cody Sweeny

Romans 8:18

18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.