3 Years

Over the next 30 days I have signed up for a free promotion system. My goal isn’t a large fan base. My goal is to help other guys that struggle with lust and pornography. Whether you are here from headliner or here because you know me, you should read this. Please bear with my as I explain the past 3 years of guilt. (great way to start a post, right?).

I will try to be as transparent as I can but would like to keep this PG if I can. Three years ago it’s the summer of 2010. Life is going great. I am spending the night at my dad’s side grandparents. They put me up in a room with a comfortable bed, and a room filled with pornographic magazines. I have seen them before but never actually seen them. They were always classified as “Grandpa’s reading material”. Slowly I take a look. I feel great and free looking at those magazines. I actually sat by the door just in case anyone came by, but for hours that night I scanned through them.

Months went by and my birthday came up in October. I had been saving up for an iPod touch. Finally, I bought it. Excited by the whole thing, I played and watched movies with that thing like crazy. It was the end of October 2010. I was up late playing on my iPod and wanted to do some research on a certain app. I went to a site and saw an ad. Right away the ad reminded me of what I saw at my grandparents. That’s when my addiction started.

The rest is what you would call history. I was hooked. During the last 3 years I was challenged more times than I can count to stop my addiction. But I wouldn’t.

A great guy I met at Lake Ann told me that as guys, we love porn. We love it, but the thing is, we can only love one thing, either God or porn.

It was that week at Lake Ann that I gave my sin to Christ. I have failed many times after that, but overall have been better. The reason why I say the last 3 years were hell is because when you are watching porn, you are always guilty, you always think someone will hear or someone will walk in. Or the people at school will hear. Who cares? They might give you looks, but it is worth it to get it off your chest. You don’t have to tell the world either. I did, but you don’t have to. So my story is over, well not just yet. Through this blog I want to see people come clean with their sin. I want to see lives changed just like my own. That is my mission, that is my goal.

If you want to beat it, here is what you need to accomplish.

1. Confess. Don’t you dare tell Jesus you are sorry and it won’t happen again. Get down on your knees and cry over your sin, confess it to God.

2. Buddy System. Just the same as swimming we must always have a buddy, or buddies. Every time I was challenged about my addiction there was no one behind me. Having a strong group of guys behind you is great, even one or 2 will help.

3. Be Open and Honest. First off be as open and honest as you can. Easier said than done.

4. Stay in the Word. This is crucial in the battle against sin.

5. Last, but certainly not least, J.O.Y




Remember that you must put God first before anything and everything. He must come first! Then others: put other people before yourself. No matter how much you hate them (I really struggle with this). You: We all need time to sit back and reflect. Make time to relax, but do no become selfish with it. Take time to read the Word, but never forget your real mission.

The battle has been won, but the war has just begun. Get ready, it only gets worse. This is the truth about our sin, it won’t get easier. Now that you are conscious that it is a sin and ready to fight it, it only makes Satan try harder to make you stumble. He will be hiding, ready to trip us up. Get ready, get some buddies, and get back to what really matters.

If you have lasted this long reading this post please like, comment, share it. Whatever you are challenged to do. Don’t be ashamed by your past, but be conscious of your future.

In Love

-Cody Sweeny


What Starts with P and Ends with ORN? hint: it’s not popcorn.

Here’s my catchy title but I just wanted to highlight some points tonight that my awesome youth leader made. Porn is sin, porn=lust, lust=sin and sadly sin=death. We all know this, but how do we beat it? How do I beat it in my own personal battle?

1 John 1:8-9

8 If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth. 9 But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.

1. Identify the Causes(Sin). Figure out what triggers your porn.

2. Take Responsibility(Our Own) TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF. Quit blaming society or your computer. Blame yourself. You looked, and you acted on your lust.

3. Agree with God(Confess). Confess to God that he is Lord overall. Ask forgiveness. Simple, but live it, don’t just talk it, shout it! Live it!

4. Accept God Sacrifice(Jesus) Same as agreeing but you have to believe it. You must believe it. God’s love is greater then anything, that is why He sent Jesus. Jesus died for me, and for you and for everyone. That is why it’s vital that we must SHOUT IT!

5. Don’t confess the Same Sin Twice(Faith). Be one and done. Confession is so much different compared to forgiveness. Confession is falling on your knees and crying about it. Forgiveness is what you have your son or daughter do. “Now tell him you’re sorry”. Don’t constantly think about it. That will only lead to more problems and issues of reoccurring sin.

6. Insist on Cleansing(rub a dub dub, I’m chillen in the tub). Be prepared to cleanse. Purge your mind of the porn and lust. Those images never quite go away, but try to forget. Keep thinking that God is greater. Or find your own saying, something that will remind you that God is so much more powerful then my(your) sin.

7. Now Act Like You’re Forgiven. It’s time to cut that depression, cut the crap and get real. Be real. Get rid of it! Quit mourning and get to work. Get back to war.

So this is it. This is relevant to any and all sin, but more so for lust. Please remember bounce. See it and bounce.

Over the summer I went to Lake Ann camp in Michigan. Everything there has a purpose, we did what was called the high ropes course. 50 foot up in trees you have to get over 3 or so different obstacles. We had to write down goals, here is what I wrote, this is the day after I opened up and confessed my sin to the group. “My goals for the high ropes course is to show that God’s love is greater than sin. I should love God more than my sin(Porn)”. We love porn as guys, we love it. That is why we must love God more than sin.

-Cody Sweeny